Niklas Stålvind – WOLF Featured Artists

Niklas Stålvind is the frontman and founder of Swedish Heavy Metal band WOLF. Back in 1995 when the main stream despiced the whole genre, WOLF began the journy against all odds and good taste. When the self titled debut came in 2000, music critics scrathed their heads. By the time the second album Black Wings came they banged their heads instead. Heavy Metal was cool again. WOLF was so hopelessly behind their time, they actually ended up being ahead of their time, and is now said to have paved the way for the new wave of classic heavy metal. Their eighth studio album will be released in 2020.

    “The Solar V has all the features I’ve got in my modified Flying V, and some other features I always wanted. First of all, the EverTune system is a Devil sent gift for the singing front man with guitar duties. I don’t have to worrie about any tuning issues, no matter how crazy I go on stage. I have perfect intonation and tuning the whole show. I can go from D-drop to normal tuning in two seconds without the other strings being slightly out of tune. With the EverTune bridge there is no dull moments on stage. Stainless jumbo frets! Where have you been all my life? Vibratos and bends are way easier. Glow in the dark side dots. I always wanted them, now I got them. Who doesn’t love things that glow in the dark? It’s nice to hit the right note even on a pitch black stage. The volume pot is exactly where it’s supposed to be. That’s extremely important for me on my live guitar. I use it all the time for cleaning up the sound and as my noise gate. The list of well thought out features could go on and on. Most importantly though… It sounds great, it’s fun to play and you can stab someone with it.”

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