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Personal Bio

Frank Shane is a life-long, multi-instrumentalist based out of Kansas City, MO, USA. Frank plays guitar, bass, drums, and piano; however, his true passion has always been the guitar. His background includes everything from blues, to classic rock, to face melting metal. He has played on local and regional stages with original bands From Within, Waking Jericho, and Maximus. As of 2020, Frank has stepped on to the world stage with the LA based band OTEP. 

Band Bio


To truly make a difference, one must be different. From the very start, OTEP were always a band on a mission: to open minds, win hearts and to push music into places that it has never dared step before.

Led by vocalist, lyricist and shamanic figurehead Otep Shamaya, the Los Angeles crew exploded into the consciousness of rock and metal fans worldwide with their debut album Sevas Tra in 2002. With their leader’s scabrous, evocative poetry front and center, OTEP’s hybrid sound immediately stood apart from the crowd while showcasing a liberated artistic philosophy that has driven band and singer breathlessly forward. Incorporating everything from heavy metal and punk rock to experimental electronics and cutting edge hip-hop, OTEP’s sound resonated strongly with a great and ever-expanding number of converts.

Otep Shamaya is a cultural anomaly. An award winning writer, musician, performance artist and activist for LGBTQ rights and animal welfare. REVOLVER MAGAZINE has called her one of the most prominent voices for social change in modern American music.

“Always be ready to take the opportunity, it may be the only one you ever get.”

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