Derryl Vi – VI Solar Artists

From Toronto On, Canada. Derryl Vi started playing guitar since 1996 and hasn’t looked back after hearing early Metallica and Iron Maiden albums.
In 2014 VI was formed with a huge focus of heavy riffing with melodic tranquility.  After 2 EP’s, his debut album “The Art of Violence” was released in mid 2017 with exposure in Europe and South America.  Prior to VI, Derryl has had the fortunate honour to open for bands such as Devildriver’s “Thrash and Burn Tour” Revocation in 2009 and was one of 7 guitarists to be featured on Shredders of Metal.
Since then Derryl has consistently released new music and has opened for Venom Inc in April 2019 and set to open for Vital Remains at the end of the year.
He’s currently the interim guitarist for Toronto Thrash metal band Korrosive.
It’s a privilege to join Solar Guitars and be among with musical heroes such as At The Gates and The Haunted.  I can’t wait to release my next album using these tools of sonic destruction.


    After playing guitar for 20+ years Solar Guitars accommodates to any situation from practicing, to recording and performing.  The craftsmanship, versatility and attention to detail went beyond my expectations.  That’s when I decided to be a Solar guitar player from here on.

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