Alexandro WinterSköll – ABANDON LIGHT / LAST MAN`S BREATH Solar Artists

Alejandro Herrán (Alexandro WinterSköll) was born in 1994 in Bogotá, Colombia. He studied Bachelor Program in English Language Teaching. Now, working as an English teacher and translator.

He began his career as a musician back in 2009, performing with some garage bands and joined the university’s choir group called “LAROC” as Baritone-Bass voice (2013 – present day).

Currently performing as guitarist and background vocals of ABANDON LIGHT since November of 2014, guitarist and background vocals of LAST MAN’S BREATH since January of 2021 and recently working on his own musical project called WINTERSKÖLL.

His musical influences range from Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Classic Rock, Folk-Viking Metal to Colombian Folklore, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Boleros, Tango and Classical Music.






    ”From the deepest and darkest feelings, dense harmonies and melodies emanate, accompained by an energetic performance, absorbing all the gloom of the audience, suppressing and liberating all those who listen to it, from a huge burden. The embodiment of the most extreme emotions of the mind.”

    ”Great and unique invention with modern style, elegant shape and powerful metal sound. I found these guitars as beautiful as they look (even better when you have one in your hand)… No words for such an amazing sound. Recommended.”

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