Alexander Layer Solar Artists

Alessandro De Fusco aka Alexander Layer is an Italian Guitarist student at the Conservatory of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples and Lizard Academy in Rome. His musical influences are Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal and Classic Music.

In 2018 he composed his first solo album “Fenrir”, a record where the aesthetics of the guitar is not full of virtuosity that dominate the other instruments, but is only a narrator of Celtic and Norse mythological stories .. with the right dose of guitar technique but without detracting from the singing.

In 2019 he begins to collaborate with the Elevate Records label with which he publishes the second album “Huggin Munnin” in which Marco Sfogli and David Folchitto are present as special guests. In the same period he began performing with many important artists of the caliber of Reb Beach and Mario Guarini.

    “This Guitar will be huge part of my sound and music. Solar’s sound massive while still retaining clarity and the neck is super fast and comfortable. I have played my Solar Guitar every single day since I got it.”

    Alexander Layer On social media